Terms of Service

Purchased prints are provided by https://www.loxleycolour.com/ as such they do not come to me first, they are despatched directly to your delivery address.  Whilst I will endeavour to help resolve any issues whenever I can I will not be held responsible for the failure of any delivery service (items lost in transit) or any unexpected problems with the quality of the prints you receive.  I have ordered tests prints from loxelycolour to assure myself that they provide a quality product and I am satisfied that the 'normal' standard of print is of an excellent quality.

Prints or digital images purchased for download, unless otherwise specified, remain the property of PG Delaney Photography.  They may not be altered, copied, distributed or shared (including by such means as social media) without my written consent. 

‘Personal Use’ means for example, having printed images on display in your home or privately viewing and storing the digital image files on your computer - not publically via the internet.  The Personal Use Licence is in place to protect my copyright and ultimately the viability of my photography business.

Your personal data (email, address etc) that is controlled by me as part of this purchase will adhere to my privacy policy if you have any questions about your data privacy or protection then please get in touch.  I will not send you unecessary unsolicited emails or cold call you.  However, I may contact you if there is a legitimate business reason to do so.

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